Thursday, July 23, 2015

How dare I not post titles on those other entries?

And I don't see where I edit...I'll still look for it
(OH GOTTA Change that dark color!) Any who

Got a wind chime I need to fix

Found a new channel yesterday and it has all sorts of old old shows on it that I like! 

I watched the premiere off My Favorite Martian!

STILL looking for my check...idiots. I might see it Monday but forget about having it for the trip on Saturday, will probably have to borrow money from my son...

Gotta make the husband's lunch cookies today, not sure if I feel like it yet

Speaking of cable....this stuff is sure messed up a lot....screen freezes, no sound, streaks as if it were a satellite dish being interfered with weather 

Gotta go out to the edge of the county line again tonight. Going to tell the office I am not going to do I- Co or K-Co lines anymore. I don't mind M.... G.... or I..... since they are much much closer...don't want to piss off the office crew! Let those county servers do their own!

My clothes are loser fitting, make that my pants....going to weigh myself Monday after the weekend-I think once a week is better than everyday

That dietician is suppose to call me but its been almost a week...

The garden is growing out of control!! I think I will have tomatoes up the butt next month but I don't want to can while it is SOOO hot. Its why I don't plant them too early

Finally going to sort receipts so I can throw most of them away, record the ones that are tax is a pain in the royal behind! 

I checked out the price on QuickBooks, that price has risen out of control! Will check around but still entering into that is a pain too

Well I guess I shall see if I come back in here again later

Until then, more peektures! Ain't those eyes cool! The camera needed new batteries so this is the result! Enjoy

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