Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Black Hole strikes again...this time

my socks went in....no where to be found so I guess I go get a clean pair

As if I don't have enough to be bothered about?

Husband decided to take a break today, he is going back to work shortly...

My feet hurt...I need my socks! Might even have to put on my shoes!

85 degrees here already-there is a breeze but no doubt a hot breeze! Might rain tomorrow.

Got some steak out for dinner tonight, he will be BBQing them tonight. He is making burgers too for snacking

Off to the post office a little later. We need a tub of butter too, margarine that is.

I'd like some carbs please.

Well short today maybe I'll be back...in the mean time....PEEKTURES!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another day in paradise...NOT

They finally cut my check...but...is it here? NO...are we out on our trip? NOPE

Maybe it will come in the mail today? Yeah right...Tuesday at the earliest with "todays" mail

More pictures

I know...boring

Women newscasters? Take them seriously? Most of them NOT

Why do these people assume! Drives me nuts...plopper right there in that cemetery because they mention the church that is related to in the obituary that they stole from some website including the photo...small ass cemetery, rarely do people get buried there and less stones.

The people who are buried there (new) would have a stone!

Next topic, the weather

HUMIDITY! I hate it. Guess though its better than the dry winter air in the house that causes drive hair!
Only 79 right now

I really gotta go do some research for my sister so To Ta Loosville, until another time

Course these 3 new burials

Thursday, July 23, 2015

How dare I not post titles on those other entries?

And I don't see where I edit...I'll still look for it
(OH GOTTA Change that dark color!) Any who

Got a wind chime I need to fix

Found a new channel yesterday and it has all sorts of old old shows on it that I like! 

I watched the premiere off My Favorite Martian!

STILL looking for my check...idiots. I might see it Monday but forget about having it for the trip on Saturday, will probably have to borrow money from my son...

Gotta make the husband's lunch cookies today, not sure if I feel like it yet

Speaking of cable....this stuff is sure messed up a lot....screen freezes, no sound, streaks as if it were a satellite dish being interfered with weather 

Gotta go out to the edge of the county line again tonight. Going to tell the office I am not going to do I- Co or K-Co lines anymore. I don't mind M.... G.... or I..... since they are much much closer...don't want to piss off the office crew! Let those county servers do their own!

My clothes are loser fitting, make that my pants....going to weigh myself Monday after the weekend-I think once a week is better than everyday

That dietician is suppose to call me but its been almost a week...

The garden is growing out of control!! I think I will have tomatoes up the butt next month but I don't want to can while it is SOOO hot. Its why I don't plant them too early

Finally going to sort receipts so I can throw most of them away, record the ones that are tax deductible....it is a pain in the royal behind! 

I checked out the price on QuickBooks, that price has risen out of control! Will check around but still entering into that is a pain too

Well I guess I shall see if I come back in here again later

Until then, more peektures! Ain't those eyes cool! The camera needed new batteries so this is the result! Enjoy

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sure would like my paycheck.

Here it is Mond.. er Tuesday morning I think

Still trying to get the smell of CAT out of the bathroom. Disciplined the guilty cat. I don't think he will be going back in there any time soon but I must keep my eye open, hopefully not my nose....I DO DETEST that smell. I'd rather be standing over a poopin cow!

I'm back.

It cooled off but that damn humidity is still in the house, possibly outside too. Too cold to wear shorts but sticky sweats is no fun at all

I really need to go out and served some papers but not sure I will. I'll hear from the office if they are due today or tomorrow otherwise I'll go tomorrow night


Monday, July 20, 2015

Final Resting place

Kind of dead everywhere so this is my final stand

I'll ask the questions no one else wants to comment on

I'll make the comments that I can't do elsewhere

I'll share more of the ins and outs of my days....my sheety asp days.

Pictures too. Any lookers, probably not but they'll be here

We'll talk about the weather, television, my soap, our paychecks that do not come as scheduled...let's see what else....

Here's some clouds....I am big on clouds

I'll complain about everything. and anything....

I'll sure let out what I hate about life or businesses or banks, just anything I encounter..

One thing does work for me

I bought a few of those medical cold/hot pack things-works VERY WELL in the summer. I start with my neck and that works the best. Cools me down in no time! The other one is in the box still but I need to get it out so I will have two for when I need them

One for the neck, one for whatever else is HOT

I'll work on my ...gotta check my word list--its a list of about 7 words that I can never remember...might get longer......Course I have no idea where the list is-we'll come back to that....

GRAMMAR! that's it! I need to get better! (at it) See I need work!

I'll be back later...gotta go tackle a huge mound of dishes....Also get the tv on to pass the time, get my dinner warmed up, leftover chicken from last night, should be yummy!

Oh other things too, never ends
 To ta loo
and Adieu