Monday, August 4, 2014

Another day, another blog

Hope I can do this more often! 

Gonna be a hot one today!

Now what the heck are all those characters in my previous note?? I do not like that at all!

Some people feel they are so superior! Well lets not dwell on that one...I could go all day! 

What the heck is up with my typos! My brain must be misfiring!

What's to enjoy in life if it is not for food at all? I would like to learn more things in nature to enjoy because nature will be all I have to enjoy after....doomsday surgery! Yeah funny eh?

Well I need to be healthy, I be heading for the old ice cream chocolate shake shop in the sky if I don't do something drastic soon. Can't seem to do it on my own. 

Let's see, list what there is to enjoy aside from food.

Friends? What friends?
My son

Grandchildren? None of those going to happen I guess


Photographing gravestones?


I have to give up carbonated drinks AND CAFFEINE! Gah!

I took a walk this morning all the way down to the corner and back. Will steadily increase this each day, rain or shine I guess. Not sure if my instructions will be to do it every day. Will not be good to procrastinate from day to day so might as well go while the getting is good

Need to start food diary today. 

I need drink (insert water) here 18/7. That is once my supply of diet coke caffeine free is gone. Weaning off caffeine will take a little longer since my supply is for the rest of the month, no until the middle of the month! 

As I begin to stare into the abyss I bid you adieu and good day!