Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another day in paradise...NOT

They finally cut my it here? NO...are we out on our trip? NOPE

Maybe it will come in the mail today? Yeah right...Tuesday at the earliest with "todays" mail

More pictures

I know...boring

Women newscasters? Take them seriously? Most of them NOT

Why do these people assume! Drives me nuts...plopper right there in that cemetery because they mention the church that is related to in the obituary that they stole from some website including the photo...small ass cemetery, rarely do people get buried there and less stones.

The people who are buried there (new) would have a stone!

Next topic, the weather

HUMIDITY! I hate it. Guess though its better than the dry winter air in the house that causes drive hair!
Only 79 right now

I really gotta go do some research for my sister so To Ta Loosville, until another time

Course these 3 new burials

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