Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's a new year, time to update

Root beer foam going up my nose

I like root beer, especially, A & W root beer

Ginger Ale too & of course it has to be Michigan's Vernors

Still cold & snowy up here in Mid Freakin Michigan

***>>>How different is reading between the lines and reading too much into a message?<<<***

How can someone want you to change into someone you are not?"

I don't like "and", I like to use "&" instead

I love to abuse "comma's"

I do not like:
Golf on TV
Basketball; anywhere
People with personal horrible agendas
People who hold grudges
People who do not give a benefit of the doubt
Reality shows***puke****

The end of the unlike list for now

My normal inbox seems to be too empty these days, course the social inbox is constantly full of FB entries.


It's sad that our wonderfully loved celebrities are leaving our Earth

Ralph Waite

Aww no new papers to serve today

No longer is there a land line into this house
All cell phone all the time

Annoying cat-always crying lately, what do you want??

March is fast approaching

Can Easter be far behind??

"Candy Candy Candy"

S-I-L said there was an explosion in Alma, still waiting on an update for that!

I should do this way more often

Until then