Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photos from a cemetery walk last fall....finally got them posted. I love fall, it is so beautiful....

It's near the middle of March and St Patrick's Day approaches. Remember back in school if you did not wear green that day, you got pinched!

The snow has been melting the last few days, patches of brownish green grass is showing through. It was in the high 40's yesterday and today so far it is 38 degrees and the sun is shining.

The birds were snacking on a crust of bread a few weeks back...


My cat Bandit decided he wanted to be cooked for dinner-I was to make lasagna that day...well actually I believe it was ravioli, home made sauce, story bought frozen pasta. It was yummy!

This past winter (and it better be past!) I shot a photo of the dogs prancing in the snow, this I do not remember shooting! Not a great photo but there it is!


The end of this B happens now...until the next time that is!

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