Sunday, October 20, 2013

Time for a change

Since scanning and posting postcards are quite difficult on this old computer I think I'll go in a different direction...

I use ellipses a lot, I overuse them in fact! So get used to it! No smilies in here?? Guess Ill try this...:-) life.

My life includes a husband, two dogs, two cats and a son that lives out on his own

Other pertinent info; I frequent a few websites regularly and semi regularly. FindaGrave, YouThink, FamilySearch to name just a few, guess that would be the bulk of them though. I also access my G-mail several hundred times a day!

My grammar is not what it should be so you'll have to forgive that part. Spelling on the other hand shall always be correct or better be!

I love Jar Jar Binks, ya know from Star Wars...

I am currently deeply involved in genealogy research on my family. Presently on the paternal side. My mother wants some info on her side so I might have to suspend the paternal side and get started more on hers since her life span is growing shorter....

Another love of my life is autumn. Also the winter holidays. From Labor Day to Easter. Labor Day being the day I was born on. Love the Christmas lights, music, the decorations and the hustle and bustle of the retail long as I am not the one shopping and having to check out.

Art has come into my life this year. I have never been artistic. I've always been crafty though, in more ways than one! I decided I did not care what other people think of my art, I would just do it. (I am just so much of a perfectionist) I'd like to think I am getting better with experience. Maybe I should post some of the pictures here. For Halloween I am created a card to send to my mother. She lives in Venice Florida with my oldest sister Jean. They aren't quite getting along and my "brother in law" is caught in the middle.

I also photograph grave stones for FindaGrave. Making memorials goes hand in hand with the photos. Pleasing Michiganders across the world.

I enjoy making people happy. I get a kick out of children. I love to see them all dressed up for Halloween. I wave at the little ones in the grocery store stuck in carts. No grandchildren here yet and might never be. Looking to adopt some though!

The short list of shows on television that I enjoy begins with The Big Bang Theory with Sheldon being my favorite character, followed by Raj, he is SOOO CUTE! I'm always been partial to men in that part of the world.

Well I'd say that is enough for today, enjoy the fall!

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