Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bill or George, anything but Sue!

What a great song that is! 

Typical nice fall day today. Crisp air, sunny skies, leaves flying around. Love that kind of day! The leaves are practically all off the trees.

Halloween is almost here, then it is all down hill to Christmas, it will be here and gone in a flash. Just watch. 

Trying to take it easy today. I want to try to get away from this computer and watch that new Dracula show from Friday night. Hope it is good or not. I recorded it on the DVR.

70's music playing on the satellite and alternating with the classic country song channel.

Washed a load of shirts, will have to hang them up to dry soon.

Took some leftover roast beef out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Will make a box of macaroni and cheese to go with it, that should satisfy his appetite.

My son called me yesterday afternoon on his way to work via the car pool site. He calls every few days. Sometimes he emails from work.

Oh the big news of the week, Charter is finally laying fiber optic down the road. Soon they will be nagging via US Mail and telephone to get everyone to sign up. Guess if they want to buy out our satellite contract....

Got some pictures at the Cedar Lake Cemetery yesterday, looked like a few new interments. Will find out when I get the photos downloaded!

OH NO, I need to work on my mothers Halloween card. I do have until Monday when I will have to take it to the post office to have it weighed for postage. I think I have the inscription done, it goes as follows:

Ghosts and Goblins
Out and about
It's Halloween night
There is no doubt

Tricks and treats
Candy and sweets
Spooks and freaks
Charlie Brown geeks

Wishing you a Happy Halloween

That's copyrighted too! LOL!

I wish the printer had ink since my handwriting is nasty. 

Thinking on making no bake cookies today. Can't make much of any other treat since I am nearly out of flour, or am I? Will have to check on that!

The mail just came, probably junk mail, certainly not worth delivering on Saturday.

That's it for my thoughts today. Until we meet again, adieu. 


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