Monday, September 21, 2015


Some keys on this keyboard do not need to be here all the time!

I don't like Tom Cruise

Watched a Liam Neeson movie this weekend. Run all night or whatever its called.

Just let the older cat out, Bandit is his name


Bandit is back already. Oh maybe not-came in, saw Frazer and back out he if Frazer would go out! Should I push him? Gotta close that screen, no bugs welcome and they're looking for winter cover!

Waiting on the mail for my check but knowing the USPS, it won't be here until tomorrow. Headed to the PO to mail stuff out for work. Waiting to see if my check is out there first but I shall go with or without my check at 230

Gone to get ready!

Maybe I come back, maybe I not come back


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