Monday, August 10, 2015

WOW, there is only one person

In my world of blogs, that are posting recently there seems to be only one person and I am grateful to her!

So today I am tired...I don't think I am in the mood for anything

 Maybe its the pouring down RAIN out there!

I already wiped myself out this morning with computer work

A long lost relative found me and I have sent over info for her on her grandmother....Its Monday right?

 I'm just not into what I used to do everyday on the internet. Well not so used to but used to.....not having a lounge over at the Find a Grave forums messed that up completely. I have that alternate place of play on the pro boards but its just not busy enough

I'd like to blog more.....see my history here....not gonna happen! Maybe it will in time

No new photos. There are some on the camera but not in the mood right now to get them

Stomach upset. 'Nuff  said


Oh and RIP Mr Kathie Lee Gifford....Frank sure was a good looking man!

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